GSGWL-The Leading in borosilicate glass equipments manufacturers in india

  We would like to inform you that we are the leading Borosilicate glass 3.3                  process plant equipment manufacturers and exporter in India and abroad.                      

                               Borosilicate Glass is the most suitable M.O.C. for chemical equipment due to its inertness, visibility and smooth surface.                 

                        We are mainly manufacturer and supplier of Laboratory, Industrial and custom glassware.

                       Few of our latest achievements are Design, manufacture and supply in glass as below:
                        1. Rotary evaporator up to 800 L (Largest in the world).
                        2. Spherical vessel up to 500 L.
                        3. Cylindrical vessel up to 800 L.
                        4. Heat Exchanger up to 50 sq. m.
                        5. Column and its components up to 800DN.
                        6. 800 kg/hr, H2SO4 concentration plant from 70% to 95%
                        7. 200 L Jacketed Reactor.
                        8. De nitration system.
                        9. Scrubbing system for HCl, Cl2, Br2, HBR, Nox, H2S , Phosgene etc.                

                       With this email, we have attached few of our leaflets to brief you about our activities.

                        For more details, please go through our website