Reaction Unit (SS Jacketed)

This unit is used for carrying out reactions under stirred condition and with provision for simple reflux distillation.


The reaction vessel is mounted in a heating bath and fitted with addition vessel, motor-driven stirrer and provision for condensation with refluxing. The product is sub-cooled and collected in a receiver.


The units are available in vessel sizes of 20, 50, 100 & 200L and is suitable for operation under atmospheric pressure and full vacuum


Unit cat.Ref Reactor Capacity Bath


Addition Vessel Vapour line Condenser HTA M2 Cooler HTA M2 Receiver Size
RDU20 20L 4.5 2L 80 DN 0.35 0.10 5L
RDU50 50L 6.0 5L 100 DN 0.50 0.20 10L
RDU100 100L 9.0 10L 150 DN 1.50 0.35 20L
RDU200 200L 12.0 20L 150 DN 1.50 0.35 20L
RDU300 300L 16.0 20L 225 DN 2.50 0.50 20L


Above table shows data of main components of the reaction unit such as capacity of spherical reactor vessel, heating bath watt, addition vessel capacity, size of vapour line, condenser HTA, cooler HTA, and receiver vessel size.

There is an optional arrangement with cylindrical reactor vessel with metal jacket, inclined condenser to fit the unit in minimum height.


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